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Visualising the 2015/16 Eredivisie fixtures

Eredivisie fixture map 2015-16

The 2015/16 Eredivisie fixtures were released over the weekend, so If you haven’t seen this before, what I’ve done is taken an average of leading bookmakers’ title odds (as a proxy for each club’s “strength”) and then divided the clubs four categories based on the bookies’ implied ranking. The categories aim to divide the clubs into four relatively equal-sized groups based on the range of odds they

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Visualising the 2015/16 Bundesliga fixtures

Bundesliga fixture map 2015-16

There’s been a lot of interest in the German versions of my scatter graphics, so I thought it was only fair to repay that enthusiasm with a version of my fixture difficulty visualisation to coincide with the release of the Bundesliga schedule today. If you haven’t seen this before, what I’ve done is taken an average of eight leading bookies’ title odds (as

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Visualising the 2015/16 Ligue 1 fixtures

Ligue 1 fixture map 2015-16

Following on from my initial run of fixture difficulty maps for the top four English divisions last week, I had some feedback from several readers about the red/green contrast not working particularly well for colour-blind people. I’ve therefore updated the colour palette to something slightly less garish and will re-run the English graphics with updated odds nearer to the start of the

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Visualising the 2015/16 fixtures

CH e361 final

Now that the fixtures have been released for the top four English divisions, I thought I’d crank out updated versions of my fixture difficulty visualisations. The idea behind these is to categorise each club’s fixtures by the strength of their opponent to pick out particularly easy or tricky runs of games over the season. I’ve simplified things slightly this year: rather than

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2014/15 Fixture “Molecules”

L1 Fixtures 2014-15

Whenever the fixture lists are released, there are always a few tedious comments along the lines of “everyone plays each other twice – quelle surprise”, which completely ignores the main reason that fixtures are interesting (to me at least). While the organisers will do their best to spread matches out as evenly as possible, there are always wrinkles in the

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Final fixture visualisations

Fixture molecule - Championship 12-13 - 100812

As promised, I’ve updated my fixture visualisations one last time to account for the movements in promotion odds over the past few weeks. I’ve also enhanced the readability for colour-blind viewers by using a lighter green. I’ll cut straight to the chase – if you haven’t seen these before, there’s a short explanation via the appropriately-titled ‘Explanations’ link above. Briefly

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Football League fixture lattices

Fixture molecule - Championship 12-13

Introduction You may remember from last year that I developed a simple algorithm to visualise each team’s fixture list for the coming season, which I recently refreshed. It works like this: Quantify each club’s relative strength using a simple proxy measure: in this instance I’ve chosen Bet365′s current promotion odds (appended at the foot of this post). Even if I

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