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A very early look at shooting

L1 Att Def 2015-08-22

I couldn’t resist having an early peek at how the Football League and National League clubs have been doing overall. What I’ve got here are the “shot dominance” graphics – comparing the average number of shots taken and faced by each club – for the season so far. Bear in mind that the strength of each side’s opponents will still have a large

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League 2 match timelines: 22 Aug 2015

L2 week 4

Here are the match timelines for the fourth round of League 2 fixtures. There’s a full explanation of these here and you can access all the previous ones by selecting “VISUALISATIONS > TIMELINES” from the menu. Summary A few people have asked if I could make the vertical scale consistent so that matches can be compared. Rather than make this change to the individual timelines

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League 2 match timelines: 18 Aug 2015

Here are the match timelines for the third (midweek) round of League 2 fixtures. There’s a full explanation of these here. Despite starting more sluggishly than their visitors, Accrington responded better to their first half goal, going on to threaten regularly while Mansfield went long periods without troubling the home keeper. Barnet appear to have found Northampton’s “off switch” shortly after half time before a red

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League 2 match timelines: 14-15 Aug 2015

L2 week 2

Here are the match timelines for the second round of League 2 fixtures. If you missed it last week there’s a full explanation of these here, but in a nutshell there’s a graphic for each match showing how the cumulative goalscoring potential of their shots – measured in Expected Goals – increased over the course of the match. The number in brackets after

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League 2 match timelines: 8 Aug 2015

L2 week 1

A bit later than planned, here is the first of a (hopefully) weekly round-up where I canter through a simple visualisation of each Football League match, looking here at League 2. What I’ve done is to plot the cumulative quality of both clubs’ shots, expressed in Expected Goals, over the course of each match, to illustrate how it unfolded and whether the result reflected the

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Visualising the 2015/16 fixtures: updated

League 1 fixture map 2015-15 v2

As usually happens when I churn out multiple versions of the same thing, enough incremental improvements have been made over the course of churning out my fixture difficulty visualisations to make me unhappy with the state of the first ones I did. Therefore here are revised versions for the top four English divisions with the following changes: I’ve updated the

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