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Visualising the 2015/16 fixtures: updated

League 1 fixture map 2015-15 v2

As usually happens when I churn out multiple versions of the same thing, enough incremental improvements have been made over the course of churning out my fixture difficulty visualisations to make me unhappy with the state of the first ones I did. Therefore here are revised versions for the top four English divisions with the following changes: I’ve updated the

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How do clubs tend to fare from one season to the next?

CH season to season

We’re approaching the time of year when a host of club-by-club season previews start appearing, with fans and pundits predicting how their team will fare. Inevitably, most will be targeting an improvement on last season’s finish, but how do expectations tend to compare with reality? I’ve already had a go at visualising what the bookmakers think, but we can also set a

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Five Football League clubs who could be in a false position at the end of August

August projections

At the end of August the Football League season will be five games old and – even though there will still be plenty of football to be played – we won’t be able to stop ourselves from forming judgements about how clubs are performing. One of the main obstacles to doing this in a balanced way is the fixture schedule: some

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2014/15: overachievers and underachievers

A v E - L2 2014-15

In case you missed the flurry of posts yesterday, I’ve built a lower league ratings system that includes a calculation of expected goals. If you’re not familiar with these, it basically boils down to giving every shot a value based on how many shots of that type the average team needs to score, rather than treating them all equally. For example if League 2 clubs

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E ratings: League 2 2014/15

L2 sparklines 2014-15

Following on from my earlier post introducing the new “E ratings” I’ve been experimenting with, I thought it would be helpful to illustrate their use by reviewing each division from last season. E ratings are my newest creation, combining the concept of an “expected goals” measure of shot quality with an Elo-style rating system, to track the attacking and defensive performances

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Visualising the 2015/16 fixtures

CH e361 final

Now that the fixtures have been released for the top four English divisions, I thought I’d crank out updated versions of my fixture difficulty visualisations. The idea behind these is to categorise each club’s fixtures by the strength of their opponent to pick out particularly easy or tricky runs of games over the season. I’ve simplified things slightly this year: rather than

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