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Video: Minute-by-minute tables

Video: Minute-by-minute tables

A surprisingly popular aside last season was an animated look at how the Championship league table would be different if matches ended at specific minutes, so I’ve brought this up to date, refined it and expanded it to cover all 3 divisions. The video below advances time minute-by-minute, so it starts off showing how the … Continue reading

Timing of goals scored & conceded: Championship

Background You may remember some monstrous graphs from last season which showed what proportion of goals scored and conceded occurred early and late in a match. These were fine but painted an incomplete picture of the distribution and required a lot of scrolling, so I’ve been looking at ways to both broaden and compact this … Continue reading

2010/11 retrospective: the first 15 minutes

People seem to like massive graphs, so here are a few more. I looked at how League 2 sides started and finished matches a few weeks ago, so thought it was only fair to extend these investigations to the rest of the Football League. This first graph shows all 72 teams from last season, colour … Continue reading

League 2 retrospective: strong starters & finishers

Watching Torquay over the past few seasons, I’ve often found myself despairing at the number of late goals we concede. I began to wonder whether we were unusually poor at keeping things tight late on or whether this was a common problem at our level. Curiosity eventually triumphed over apathy: I took all 1,506 goals … Continue reading