Championship attacking and defensive efficiency in more detail

Hello again. Thanks to everyone who viewed, shared and gave feedback on the efficiency graphics I produced over the weekend. Based on the experience I’ve made some experimental tweaks I’d like to share.

Firstly, here’s the Championship chart updated for Tuesday’s fixtures and in addition showing how the clubs have moved since 31st December 2011, so you can see how their recent performances are reflected in their efficiency:

As usual, I won’t analyse this to death for you, but a couple of illustrative examples never hurt anyone:

  • Birmingham are the most improved side, having increased both their attacking and defensive efficiency significantly since the New Year
  • West Ham, Middlesbrough and Millwall are moving in the opposite direction, becoming significantly less efficient at both ends of the pitch
  • Hull have tightened up considerably at the back but this seems to have come at the expense of their attacking sharpness

In response to a request in the comments section, I’ve also separated out the home and away records. Let’s have a look at the home chart first:

Again, some brief observations:

  • It looks like Birmingham are virtually impenetrable at St. Andrews and their pretty dangerous at the other end too. Blackpool is also a tough place to outscore the hosts.
  • A trip to either Nottingham Forest or Bristol City isn’t likely to inspire fear at the moment – Forest’s defence and City’s attack are respectively the least efficient in the league on their own turf.
  • Middlesbrough and Crystal Palace can keep it tight at home, but struggle to turn their home advantage into goals

And finally let’s look at the away records:

What does this tell us? Well:

  • Coventry are really struggling to create decent chances away from home.
  • Hull are defensively much stronger away from the KC Stadium – I’m not sure if this is down to them setting themselves up differently away from home.
  • Ipswich have the least efficient away defence by quite some distance, but they’re doing something right at the other end – only 4 sides are better at converting the chances they create.
If people like these then I’ll produce versions for the other 2 divisions as well. I probably won’t do an ‘all 72’ version of the trends chart as that would look very messy indeed.

A quick favour…

If you could click play on the video below that’d be great, and if you find yourself watching it all the way to the end and decide to share it with others that’d be absolutely brilliant.

It’s a short and very well-made film about my using Twitter to connect fans of Torquay United all around the world, including lots of inspirational footage from an evening match at Plainmoor. It’s had 20,000 hits in its first week, which is evidence that it’s actually quite good and I’d love for it to be seen as widely as possible. As soon as you click play it counts as a view, so that’d be enough for me! Apologies to regular readers of the blog who will have already seen this plea a few times – I will stop haranguing you soon, I promise.

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