Report: 20 Games In

Slightly later than intended – unfortunately a shade after the 21st round of fixtures thanks to a perfect storm of work and holiday commitments – here is the sequel to the “First 10 Games” report, incorporating even more statistics for each of the 72 Football League clubs. The file size weighs in at 2.4MB, so it’s a chunkier download than the last one:

TwentyGames small

The main additions are:

  • Incorporation of shot patterns, taken and faced
  • Points earned from winning and losing positions
  • An ambitiously experimental new visualisation to quantify match situations and outcomes for each club
  • Movements since the last report

As usual I’ve added a short bit of commentary to each team’s “dashboard”, which is intended to be more illustrative than insightful as my knowledge of each team falls somewhere far short of enabling informed analysis.