BSP attack & defence – 11th December

After providing a glut of statistics for the Football League, I felt that the least I could do for the Blue Square Bet Premier would be to update the attacking and defensive effectiveness plots, shown here with movements since the end of October. As usual I’ll offer a few observations for each. Clicking these will bring up larger versions in a separate tab.


BSP Att 11 Dec 12

  • Kidderminster and Macclesfield stand out from the crowd with the sheer number of shots they take, with the latter noticeably better at turning their dominance into goals.
  • Some big results for Hyde (not least their 7-0 triumph over Woking) have seen their overall efficiency improve drastically.
  • Teams clad in orange have all increased the number of shots they take, with Cambridge making the most notable improvement without materially denting their sharpness in front of goal.
  • Tamworth are now the most wasteful side in front of goal, needing more than twice as many shots to score each goal than Wrexham or Newport, the two most clinical.


BSP Def 11 Dec 12

  • Grimsby‘s defence takes almost twice as many shots to breach as the average, and Kidderminster‘s is also significantly more resilient than most.
  • Despite a slight decline in busyness, Stockport‘s defence still has to soak up 3 more chances per match than the average. They’re also requiring fewer shots to score against, which is a worrying combination.
  • Forest Green are maintaining a strong defensive record while Wrexham and Newport‘s look to be in decline.
  • Woking have taken over the mantle of least efficient defence from Cambridge, requiring the fewest average number of shots to breach.