Video: Minute-by-minute tables

A surprisingly popular aside last season was an animated look at how the Championship league table would be different if matches ended at specific minutes, so I’ve brought this up to date, refined it and expanded it to cover all 3 divisions. The video below advances time minute-by-minute, so it starts off showing how the current league tables would look if each match ended after 1 minute, then after 2 minutes and so on, all the way up to 90 minutes where the tables rejoin reality. The number in the top right shows the current ‘cut-off’ minute, with goals scored in stoppage time included in the last minute of each half.

I’ve used as few columns as possible in the tables: just points, goals and goal difference so that you can see when the goals are going in and the effect they have, plus 2 additional columns showing how league position and points total deviate from the actual values. I’ve used green (positive variance) and red (negative) shading in these to highlight how each team’s record differs for each minute. Darker shading indicates a larger deviation, although it stops getting darker at a ceiling of 10 positions / points in either direction.

You should select at least 480p viewing quality and full screen otherwise it will be a blurry mess.

Here are some quick observations to give you the idea. If matches ended after:

  • 10 minutes, Aldershot would be top of League 2 and Exeter would be relegated.
  • 14 minutes, both Crawley and Stevenage would be the bottom 2 sides in League 1.
  • 37 minutes, Wycombe would be at the top of League 2 and Peterborough 2nd in the Championship.
  • 52 minutes, Cheltenham would be 20th in League 2 while Morecambe reside in the play-off places.
  • 65 minutes, Leeds, Coventry and Torquay would be in their respective divisions’ automatic promotion places, while Blackpool languish near the foot of the Championship.
  • 84 minutes, Brentford would be toiling obscurely in mid-table.

This is ultimately a very over-engineered way of showing which teams start or end matches particularly well or badly, but it’s quite diverting nonetheless.