Attacking & defensive effectiveness 2012/13 – top 5 European divisions

Seeing as they was so popular when I trotted them out earlier in the season, I’ve produced final versions of my graphics comparing the league records of each team in the English, German, Spanish, Italian and French top flights. These are by necessity larger than the usual ‘single division’ versions but can be expanded to full size by clicking. Check out the explanations page above if you’re new to these. I’ve provided a few illustrative observations for each.

Attacking effectiveness

Attacking effectiveness - top 5 FINAL

  • The four Champions League semi-finalists are unsurprisingly leading the way here, with Real Madrid the most shot-happy team and Barcelona the most clinical.
  • Give Barca between 4 and 5 shots and chances are they’ll score, but you’d need to give QPR or Osasuna 3 times as many on average to see a goal.
  • While Man Utd were England’s most clinical team, they were surprisingly edged by Hannover, although the German side muster 3 less shots per game on average.
  • If Stoke fans needed any further rationalisation for feeling optimistic about life after Tony Pulis, taking the fewest shots per match of any team here might suffice.

Defensive effectiveness

Defensive effectiveness - top 5 FINAL

  • 3 obscenely good defences stand out this season, the most prominent being PSG‘s outrageous resilience at the back which has massively stretched this graphic. It took more than 20 shots on average to score against the French title winners, who actually conceded more goals overall than Bayern.
  • The German champions excelled in preventing their opponents from shooting in the first place, dealing with less than half the goal attempts of either Reading or Pescara.
  • A disappointing season for Werder Bremen who had the most easily-breached defence – less than 6 shots on average would yield a goal against them.