League 1: game states, 29 Sep 2016

Following Tony Mowbray’s departure from Coventry I noticed that – despite failing to win any of his opening 10 league matches – the Sky Blues had spent more time winning than losing this season. I chucked the data into one of the many graphical templates that I’d built and subsequently forgotten about over the years and had a few replies back from fans asking for versions for their club.

Therefore I’ve built a quick gallery for each division showing how each club’s matches have been split between winning, drawing and losing so far. These are quite hard to compare so I’ve also built a quick summary graph showing all the clubs side-by-side:


So despite having only just returned from the Championship, no club has spent a greater share of their time on the pitch in a losing position than MK Dons, while the club to have spent the largest share of time in the lead – Northampton – have just arrived from League 2.

Here’s the gallery in alphabetical order – I’ve not used these before but it looks like you can launch a slideshow by selecting one of them: