League 1 previews, 8 Oct 2016

Below are preview graphics for each of the weekend’s games arranged in a gallery format. These smash together minimalist versions of two visualisations: each club’s E Ratings and their relative positions on the attack and defence scatter graphics.

I’ve explained them fully here, but in summary they’re intended as a simple pre-match comparison of two teams using high-level performance data. The graphic has three sections:

  1. The current ratings (with ranks) of the two teams and how these have changed over the past 30 league matches;
  2. A probability forecast for the match;
  3. Scatter graphics showing the teams’ attacking and defensive performance this season.

We’ve got a depleted schedule this weekend due to international call-ups. The ones that interest me the most are:

Bradford v Shrewsbury: the highly-rated Bantams won’t get a better chance to assert themselves than at home to the worst-rated and now managerless Shrews.

Peterborough v Bury: two sides far better at attacking than defending could very well result in a fair few goals.

Rochdale v Southend: Dale have long looked better than their league position and are hosting genuine strugglers, so this is an opportunity to make a clean break with their poor start to the season.