Midweek permutations: 18-19 Oct 2016

Here are the highest and lowest possible positions that each Championship and League 1 club can occupy after the midweek fixtures. I’ve drawn lines under the automatic promotion and play-off spots, mid-table and the last spot above the relegation zone on both “axes” for ease of reference.

These graphics are explained here, but in a nutshell I crunch through every possible combination of results to work out how far it’s mathematically possible for each club to rise and fall.



The three-way tussle at the top of the division continues, with nobody beneath the top three even guaranteed a play-off place this week. While Brighton could force their way into the top two, this would require an improbably large swing in goal difference.

The most mobile club this week are Fulham, who could find themselves as high as fifth or as low as 17th depending on how events unfold. Should the worst happen they can’t be overtaken by both Ipswich and Burton as these two play each other.

At the bottom Rotherham are set to remain in the bottom three regardless of results, but any two of the five clubs immediately above them can join them in the relegation zone.

League 12016-10-18-l1-permutations

Scunthorpe are lodged firmly at the League 1 summit with a four point advantage but could be joined in the automatic promotion places by any of the four sides immediately beneath them

In an open division any of the clubs currently in the top half could end the week in the play-off zone, with Northampton capable of rising as high as fourth or as low as 18th.

Coventry are the only side incapable of escaping the relegation zone this evening, while Shrewsbury require a victory over Sheffield United coupled with a Swindon win against Rochdale – plus neither Chesterfield nor Oldham winning at home – to climb out of the bottom four.