Visual Cann tables: EFL, 22 Oct 2016

Here are the updated visual league tables, explained here if you haven’t seen them before. Put simply, they’re intended as a more useful way of looking at the league table by separating the teams in proportion to how many points they are on course to win if they keep earning them at the same rate. This isn’t intended to be any sort of prediction: just presenting the basic information in a league table more visually.



Another win for Newcastle keeps them on course to break the 100-point barrier, with the three teams behind them also maintaining a pace traditionally consistent with a top two finish. With only three promotion slots, at least one of these four will be in for disappointment at the end of the season. Rotherham remain in real danger at the bottom: they’re some way off the traditional survival pace, although their performance this weekend was at least more encouraging.

League 1


I didn’t want to wait for the Monday evening fixture, so Bury and Bolton are still on the same totals as they were after the last round of games.

Scunthorpe‘s win, coupled with Bradford and Sheffield United drawing, has allowed them to re-extend their advantage at the top of the table. At the bottom end, both Chesterfield and Shrewsbury now look to be in danger of the drop, being 12 and 20 points respectively off the usual survival pace.

League 2


The distribution of teams looks relatively flat between 5th and 23rd, with Plymouth leading a strung-out top four – three of whom look on course to secure automatic promotion – after another victory. At the bottom, Newport – the team the Pilgrims defeated this weekend – continue to look dangerously adrift.