Championship form table, 3 Dec 2016

Here’s an updated form table graphic following the latest round of fixtures. These are explained here and there are also a few short summary notes on the bottom of every graphic, along with some observations.


Derby are the most dominant of the division’s three form teams. They, Leeds and Reading have all won five of their last six but the Rams have the healthiest balance of chances, even though they scraped past Wigan pretty narrowly today.

While it’s proving difficult to create chances against Brighton, the Seagulls are struggling to carve out much themselves at the moment and this could prevent them from maintaining an automatic promotion pace.

Nottingham Forest have been the division’s most dominant side over the last six games, creating double the quality of chances that their opponents have managed. They have a tough trip to Derby next, which will give us a much better idea of how high they could potentially rise.