European permutations: 3-7 Feb 2017

My permutations graphics often get shared on Reddit and I’ve seen a few comments on there asking why they aren’t produced for other top leagues, so I thought I’d kick out versions for the main European divisions and see whether there’s enough interest to generate them regularly.

Feel free to share them as you see fit – I’ve become aware of someone who’s stolen the idea without credit, so anything that makes them less likely to profit from doing so is fine in my book.

Versions for the English leagues will appear separately – I’m just waiting for the last midweek game to finish.

How these work

Each graphic shows the highest and lowest possible positions that each club can occupy after the forthcoming round of fixtures. I’ve drawn lines under the Champions League spots, mid-table and the last spot above the relegation zone on both “axes” for ease of reference.

These graphics are explained here, but in a nutshell I crunch through every possible combination of results to work out how far it’s mathematically possible for each club to rise and fall.



La Liga


Serie A


Ligue 1