Visual Cann tables: EFL, 11 Mar 2017

Here are the updated visual league tables, explained here if you haven’t seen them before. Put simply, they’re intended as a more useful way of looking at the league table by separating the teams in proportion to how many points they are on course to win if they keep earning them at the same rate. This isn’t intended to be any sort of prediction: just presenting the basic information in a league table more visually.


It’s hard not to feel sorry for Huddersfield, whose points tally would have them on course for a top two finish if both Newcastle and Brighton weren’t doing so well. There’s also going to be a disappointing finish for one of the current top seven: they all have above-average tallies for the play-offs but one will have to miss out. The less said about Rotherham the better.

League 1

Sheffield United are the only club racking up points at a rate normally consistent with a top two finish, so there’s still time for one of the chasing pack to put a late run together. There’s a clear gap between Millwall and Southend which suggests a relatively settled top six. The bottom three are in evenly-spaced degrees of trouble, but it’s not clear who might get dragged into League 2 with them.

League 2

Doncaster and Plymouth have been earning comfortably enough points to finish in the final top three, but there’s no clear favourite among the chasing pack to join them. The final play-off place is similarly up for grabs, with mid-table incredibly congested at the moment. The bottom two of Leyton Orient and Newport remain some distance away from a safe points tally.