A quick update on plans for 2017/18

With the new season imminent I just wanted to provide a quick update on what I’ve got planned for the blog and where things are at the moment.

A slow start…

The blog’s output will unfortunately be a bit patchy for the first few weeks of the new season.

I’ve had a few exciting new work projects land over the summer which have limited the amount of time I’ve had to prepare for the new season. The result is that I took a lot of stuff apart but haven’t yet put it all back together again to a standard that I’m happy with.

I’m also paying a yearly price for a shocking lack of foresight. My wedding anniversary clashes with the start of every football season and this year I’ll actually be away during the first round of matches.

…but soon returning to normal…

However once I’ve caught up with everything I’ll make sure that I backfill any match timelines that I’ve missed and start to introduce the improved graphical templates. The model’s less accurate at the start of the season anyway as it doesn’t (yet) factor in the impact of player transfers or manager changes.

The aim is to get back into last season’s rhythm as soon as possible, specifically:

  • Individual match graphics – namely a head-to-head preview graphic beforehand and a match timeline afterwards;
  • Weekly ratings and model prediction updates for the top four divisions (which I’ll also backfill to the start of the season);
  • Permutations graphics showing how much each league table can change (after a few games have been played);
  • Monthly-ish scatter graphics for the Premier League and EFL divisions;
  • Regular topical features as per last season – basically re-running everything that did well and adding some new things – starting with a final set of squad churn graphics once the transfer window closes.
… and plenty of new stuff

Here’s a list of the new things that I’ve been working on and plan to introduce this season:

  • An improved ratings system and prediction model;
  • More player-specific analysis, including the contribution of individual players – and combinations of players – to team performance;
  • Upgraded graphical templates for match previews, timelines, club scatters and model predictions.

Thanks for bearing with me – despite things being busier than they were last season I’m still very much committed to keeping the blog running and evolving.