Form tables, 15 Sep 2017

I realised that each team in the EFL has now played at least six games, which means I can update my form graphics for the first time this season. These are explained here in full, but put simply they visually rank each team based on both their results and underlying performances over the last six league matches.

Clubs are ordered based on their last six results (which are denoted by the colour of the six dots in their row) but the vertical position of the dots and the size of the two bars are dictated by the quality of chances they’ve created and allowed. The latter is also used as a tie-breaker for teams with the same number of points from their last six games.


Leeds look like the real deal so far: they’ve been the most dominant side by quite a distance. Few other teams have massively out-created their opponents, which makes it difficult to predict the promotion race at this stage.

Ipswich‘s strong start never looked to be all that sustainable and they’ve allowed chances of twice the quality that they’ve created themselves over the last six games. The only side to have been more under the cosh is Burton.

Hull should probably be higher up the table as they’ve created plenty of chances, with Millwall also doing respectably well.

League 1

It’s great to see Shrewsbury doing well after a nightmarish few seasons, but they’re allowing more chances than they create which doesn’t bode well for a sustained title challenge.

All four newly-promoted teams have given at least as good as they’ve gotten so far, with Blackpool having made the most impressive start, but the relatively fine margin overall suggests that they could also fade slightly.

Meanwhile the relegated duo of Wigan and Rotherham have looked impressive going forward and relatively solid at the back, with the Latics allowing less than anyone else in return.

Bury and Oldham look set for a difficult season on current evidence, having allowed chances of twice the quality they’ve created, while Southend could turn out to be this season’s Peterborough after both creating and allowing a high volume of opportunities so far.

League 2

Exeter have looked impressive in their most recent games but their defensive performances overall make me nervous about their prospects of retaining a top three place. Similar could be said about the promotion prospects of rejuvenated Newport, although their balance has been slightly healthier.

Lincoln and Forest Green have been poles apart since their elevation: the Imps have one of the healthiest balances of chances in the division while Rovers have the worst, so their relative league positions don’t appear to be deceiving.

Cheltenham meanwhile look to have the potential to achieve a lot more than they have so far, having out-created their last four opponents but with a return of just one point.