Championship timelines, 10-11 Mar 2018

A quick explanation

You can skip this if you’ve seen these before.

As usual, here are timeline graphics for the latest round of matches. There’s a full explanation of these here, but in a nutshell they track how each club’s expected goals tally (the number of goals that the average team would have scored from the chances that they created) increased over the course of the match.

This allows us to get a better sense of how each game played out than from just watching the highlights. Every jump in a line is a shot, with bigger jumps corresponding to more promising chances (at least as far as I can tell from the limited data available at this level).

There are two numbers next to each club’s name: the first is how many goals they scored and the second (in brackets) is how many goals the average club would have scored from their shots. The latter number is what the lines track, with dots on the lines denoting the goals they actually scored.

Individual matches

The margin of Aston Villa‘s win over Wolves owed more to clinical finishing than dominance but they kept the leaders impressively quiet for most of the match and it’s certainly made the promotion race a lot more interesting than it was a few weeks ago. Hull‘s 4-3 win over Norwich was hugely entertaining and the Tigers were rewarded for their dominance of the second half after a pulsatingly even first. The first half of QPR‘s match with Sunderland was a snoozefest by comparison but the hosts raised their game thereafter to secure a win that keeps the Black Cats in relegation trouble. Birmingham can take some encouragement from how they performed away to promotion-chasing Cardiff: a narrow defeat in which they out-created their hosts, albeit with the assistance of a second-half penalty.