Who would be the top players in a 2017/18 League 2 fantasy league?

This is an end-of-season follow-up to something that proved surprisingly popular when I ran it as an experiment earlier in the season. I really enjoy playing fantasy football, even though I’m pretty terrible at it (this is also the case with actual football, but I digress). What I really want is the opportunity to fail at an EFL version – I remember a few seasons ago there was an official Championship one, but I’m not aware of anything that currently exists.

Out of curiosity, I’ve applied the official Premier League scoring system (which can be found here under Rules > Scoring) to each of the three EFL divisions to see what the best possible squad would be. Just like the official game, I’ve picked the best-scoring combination of two goalkeepers, five defenders, five midfielders and three forwards (hopefully without putting anyone into the wrong category), although if this were a real game you probably wouldn’t be able to afford to put all of them in the same team.

The only element of the scoring which I haven’t been able to apply is the bonus points, as these include stuff like tackles and passes for which there isn’t data available (at least to me). Also I think the FPL rules are a bit more generous around assists, but overall I think it gives a reasonably accurate impression of what would happen if they rolled it out across the EFL.

For each division I’ve laid out the top players on a pitch, in a style reminiscent of the official Premier League version.

Top-scoring squad

The spine of the team is composed of players from champions Accrington, whohave a whopping five representatives in the squad. This includes the best-scoring player of all, Billy Kee, who narrowly missed out on breaking the 200-point barrier. The next best-represented team is Exeter, whose heroic defence secured two berths in addition to one in midfield.

The only other side with more than one player in the squad are promoted Wycombe, who have Joe Jacobson in defence and Adebayo Akinfenwa up front. As a Torquay fan I’m trying not to get too upset by two of the best strikers in the division being Gulls alumni while we slip into the sixth tier.

Surprisingly there’s only one Luton player in the squad, although Dan Potts is one of the highest-scoring players in the division. Mickey Demetriou of Newport provides some Welsh-based representation in defence, Jorge Grant of Notts County and Carlisle‘s Jamie Devitt complete the midfield and Cheltenham star Mo Eisa bolsters a formidable front three.

Get the data

If you want to see how your club’s players stack up in more detail (or just want to check my calculations), I’ve provided the full data for all three EFL divisions here.