EFL fantasy game: 23-25 Feb 2019

As there’s a full set of fixtures in all three EFL divisions this weekend and last week’s fantasy game had plenty of interest, I’m running it again this weekend.

There’s a big old post explaining how it works here but here’s the super-short version:

  • Scoring works almost exactly the same as the official Premier League fantasy game.
  • Pick 11 players from a division: a goalkeeper, 3 defenders, 3 midfielders, 3 forwards plus a “captain” from among each club’s best-scoring outfield player (who will earn double points).
  • The catch is that for the categories where you have to pick 3 players, you have to pick one each from a club in the top 8, middle 8 and bottom 8.

The forms for each division can be accessed below – you can enter as many of the three games as you like. Each form also contains a link to stats pages to help you make your choice. One thing I don’t have data for is injuries, so it’s definitely worth checking to see if your players are fit before submitting your team.

Here are the links for the three forms:

… and here are links to the supporting stats sheets (although you can also access these from each form):

The deadline for submissions is 12pm on Saturday 23rd, as the first match kicks off at 1pm.

I’ll share a list of everyone’s picks once the deadline closes, and will aim to get the final scores calculated as quickly as possible. One of the League 1 games is on a Sunday and there’s a Championship game on the Monday, so for those I’ll post interim scoreboards on Saturday evening and then finalise them once all matches are complete.