Midweek permutations: Premier League, 3-5 Dec 2019

These graphics break down how much the league table can change during the next round of fixtures as follows:

  • Down the left is the current order if league table, with each club’s current league position also indicated by a shaded square in their row.
  • Across each club’s row is a hollow colour-coded strip showing how they are mathematically capable of moving after the next round of fixtures is over, regardless of how crazy the combination of scorelines would need to be.
  • To differentiate between the probable and the possible, inside the strip is a little minimalist column chart showing the relative chance of them ending up in each position based on my ratings model.

We probably won’t see any movement in the top four during the midweek fixtures as three points separate each of the teams trailing in Liverpool’s wake, but seven different teams could end the week in 5th. Mid-table remains ridiculously close with only six points separating 5th from 17th and just three between 7th and 14th. Everton are the only team likely to get pulled into the bottom three as they make the short but daunting journey to Anfield while Southampton host Norwich.