Championship game states, 9 Dec 2020

What I’ve done below is to measure how long each club has spent in each of the three main “game states” – i.e. winning, drawing and losing.

I’ve then converted these into percentages because I include stoppage time, which means that even when every club has played the same number of matches they will have a slightly different total number of minutes played.

I’ve then ranked clubs by the difference between the share of time they’ve spent winning versus losing, which feels like the fairest way to do it (and also gives you the nice smooth graph below).

Norwich may be top of the table at the moment but there are 12 clubs in the division who have spent a greater share of their playing time in the lead. A lot of their wins seem to have been secured relatively late in the game, rather than being locked in early on.

Meanwhile Birmingham find themselves in the bottom half of the table despite spending just 10% of their time losing: a smaller proportion than any other Championship club. However they’ve not been doing much leading either – along with Millwall, they’ve spent more than two thirds of their playing minutes with the scores tied.