Squad age profiles: League 2, 20 Jan 2021

This is an initial test batch of a new graphic, explained in detail here. In a nutshell, they’re intended to be a summary of a squad on a single phone screen, dropping players into position categories and comparing their share of minutes played with their current age.

The idea is to be able to gauge how healthy the squad’s balance is e.g. are they relying on too few players, do they have the right balance of youth and experience etc.

One thing I learned from putting this all together is how tricky it is to work out the most representative position for players. Not only did the sources I used (Football Manager 2021 and TransferMarkt) often disagree on a player’s main position, but players are often able to play in multiple roles (and frequently do).

Therefore I’m expecting a lot of position changes as part of the feedback I get on these, but hopefully by the time I run them again they’ll be more accurate. To be honest, some players can probably be argued into more than one box, so I’ll have to just stick them in the one which is the most representative of their abilities.