Fixture difficulty matrices: 2021-22

As usual, I’ve taken the newly-released fixtures for the Premier League and EFL and combined them with an aggregation of leading bookmakers’ odds to visualise where each club’s tough and easy matches appear to be next season. Each row in the matrix below lists a club’s league matches in chronological order, colour-coded based on how difficult they appear to be and the clubs themselves are sorted and numbered by where the odds imply they’ll finish in the table.

I’ve coloured the strongest-looking clubs (based purely on the odds) in red and the weakest-looking in blue, but you can use the numbers down the side to identify which fixtures are which.

The plan is to re-run these nearer the start of the season, assuming the odds will move a fair bit in response to transfers, pre-season friendlies etc. We may also see Derby and Wycombe switch divisions as a result of the EFL’s disciplinary action against the former.

Premier League


League 1

League 2