Squad retention, 8 July 2022

With the transfer window in full swing I’ve been keeping tabs on how much each Premier League and EFL squad is changing as usual.

I’ve harvested the data from the official retained lists, the BBC transfer page, Transfermarkt, Twitter and matchday squads from this season, so hopefully I haven’t missed anyone.

You can see the all the information that I’ve compiled in a Google Sheet here – please let me know via Twitter if you think I’ve gotten anything wrong.


There’s a brief explanation of how these work at the top of each graphic, but in summary I’ve plotted a donut chart for each club where every player’s share of their league minutes from 2020-21 is represented by separate segment, ordered from largest to smallest. I’ve then shaded them dark if they’re still at the club and light if they’ve left, so you can see at a glance how regularly a team’s retained and departed players featured last season.

Graphics for each division

Around half of the minutes played by Nottingham Forest last season were accumulated by players who have since left the club, making them the most-changed Premier League team. In the Championship, Reading have dispensed with six of their seven most-used players from last season, although as usual the changes get even more extreme as we move down the divisions. The chaos at Derby has left them without eight of their most-used 11 in 2021-22 and the Rams have retained less than a third of their playing minutes. They are edged out by Rochdale in League 2 however, who have seen all of their six most-used players depart.