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Scatter graphics: Bundesliga, 5 Oct 2016

With the international break upon us I’ve chucked the data from some of the major European leagues into my scatter graphics to see how they’re shaping up so far. It’s still early days but usually some interesting patterns are already beginning to emerge. Each of the three graphics is explained briefly below but there’s a longer explanation here. Shot dominance First of all, here

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Scatter graphics: Bundesliga, 2015/16

With domestic seasons now ending all over Europe, I’ll be using my scatter graphics to take a final look at each of the main European leagues. Here’s how the attacking and defensive performances of each Bundesliga club compared this season. These graphics are explained here if you haven’t seen them before and you can see the previous set here. Shot dominance First

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European permutations: 26-29 Feb 2016

I’m branching out a bit with my permutation graphics this weekend. In addition to the Football League divisions, which I’ll publish separately, here are the highest and lowest possible positions that each club in Europe’s “big four” divisions can occupy after this weekend’s fixtures. I’ve drawn lines under the last Champions League spot, mid-table and the last spot above the relegation zone on both “axes” for

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Comparing the Champions League last 16

This post uses my scatter graphics (explained here if you haven’t seen them before) to compare the domestic records of the 16 surviving Champions League clubs ahead of the competition getting back underway this evening. Clubs play so few Champions League matches that there’s not much point doing scatter graphics of the competition itself: even if the six group games were

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Scatter plots: comparing the “big four” divisions

With the final round of Champions League group games this week, comparisons between the top European leagues will surely be forthcoming, so I thought I’d try smashing together the attacking and defensive records of all their clubs onto one set of scatter graphics. These are explained here if you haven’t seen them before. Shot dominance First of all, here is how the

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Season so far: Bundesliga, 22 Nov 2015

I thought that it was about time to take another look at the Bundesliga with my scatter graphics, having previously visualised it at the eight match mark in early October. These are explained here if you haven’t seen them before and here are last season’s for reference. Shot dominance First of all, here is how the number of shots taken by each club compares

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