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European permutations: 10-13 Feb 2017


How these work Each graphic shows the highest and lowest possible positions that each club can occupy after the forthcoming round of fixtures. I’ve drawn lines under the Champions League spots, mid-table and the last spot above the relegation zone on both “axes” for ease of reference. These graphics are explained here, but in a nutshell I crunch through every possible

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European permutations: 3-7 Feb 2017


My permutations graphics often get shared on Reddit and I’ve seen a few comments on there asking why they aren’t produced for other top leagues, so I thought I’d kick out versions for the main European divisions and see whether there’s enough interest to generate them regularly. Feel free to share them as you see fit – I’ve become aware

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Scatter graphics: Eredivisie, 4 Jan 2017


I realised that it’s been unforgivably long since I took a look at the major European leagues with my scatter graphics. Each of the three graphics is explained briefly below but there’s a longer explanation here. Shot dominance First of all, here is how the number of shots taken by each club compares with those they face in return. The average number of shots

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Scatter graphics: Eredivisie, 2015/16

N1 2015-16 scatter Att Def

With domestic seasons now ending all over Europe, I’ll be using my scatter graphics to take a final look at each of the main European leagues. Here’s how the attacking and defensive performances of each Eredivisie club compared this season. These graphics are explained here if you haven’t seen them before. Shot dominance First of all, here is how the number of shots

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Comparing the Champions League last 16

CL last 16 - Att Def

This post uses my scatter graphics (explained here if you haven’t seen them before) to compare the domestic records of the 16 surviving Champions League clubs ahead of the competition getting back underway this evening. Clubs play so few Champions League matches that there’s not much point doing scatter graphics of the competition itself: even if the six group games were

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Visualising the 2015/16 Eredivisie fixtures

Eredivisie fixture map 2015-16

The 2015/16 Eredivisie fixtures were released over the weekend, so If you haven’t seen this before, what I’ve done is taken an average of leading bookmakers’ title odds (as a proxy for each club’s “strength”) and then divided the clubs four categories based on the bookies’ implied ranking. The categories aim to divide the clubs into four relatively equal-sized groups based on the range of odds they

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Eredivisie attack & defence update

Holland Def Eff 2015-03-28

The lull created by the international break is as good an opportunity as any to crank out some updated attack and defence scatter graphics for the major European leagues, looking here at the Eredivisie. There are two graphics: the first showing attacking performance and the second defensive performance. Both are based on simple shot data and give a high-level view of how each club is

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