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Pre-season predictions: how did the model do?

Shortly after the regular EFL season had finished I compiled a set of club-by-club graphics which tracked how their league position changed over time compared with my model’s predictions. When doing so I noticed that even the pre-season predictions (made without any knowledge beyond last season’s performances) were surprisingly accurate, so I thought I’d try to work out how good they were. I didn’t

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League 2 2016-17: stats dump

After last week’s onslaught of post-season League 2 graphics I wanted to round up some of the other useful – but less obviously visual – stats that I hadn’t managed to work into anything I’d produced. I’m working on a couple of template designs to house some of the simpler stats next season so I thought I’d road-test one of them here by

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Model trends: League 2, 2016/17

With the regular League 2 season over, I thought that I should update the graphics which track my model predictions to see how each team performed relative to its predictions. Explanation The way it works is pretty simple: for pre-season and after every round of games it shows the results of my simulations for a specific club in terms of both: How

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League 2 trends, 2016/17

With the League 2 season over I thought that it was about time I updated the long-term trend graphics I introduced at the end of December to see how each club fared throughout their last three seasons. These are explained in full here and briefly below. Explanation These are adapted from a very similar design by the excellent Swedish blogger Zorba138 intended to

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