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Visual Cann tables: 11 Dec 2018

Today I’m switching another visualisation on that I completely forgot about, namely the visual league tables (which are explained here if you haven’t seen them before). Put simply, they’re intended as a more useful way of looking at the league table by separating the teams in proportion to how many points they’re on course to win over the season. There are

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A quick look at “game states”, 12 Nov 2018

While rummaging around in the data for yesterday’s big batch of charts, I remembered that there was something else that I churned out at this stage last season. What I’ve done below for each of the top four English divisions is to measure how long each club has spent in each of the three main “game states” – i.e. winning,

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Premier League trends, 12 Nov 2018

We’re far enough into the season that it’s worth updating the long-term trend graphics, which show how a club’s results and underlying performances compare over a three-season period. These are explained in full here and briefly below. Explanation These are adapted from a very similar design by the Swedish blogger Zorba138 and are intended to track a club’s long-term performance, plus whether

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Attack breakdowns: Premier League, 9 Nov 2018

With the FA Cup first round and subsequent international break creating a bit of a breather, I thought it would be interesting to take a first look of the season at the club-by-club attack breakdowns. These are explained in detail here, but in summary they are simple scatter graphics that work as follows: Explanation Each graphic shows a club’s main attacking

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