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An early look at squad churn

I’ve been looking at squad churn – how much each club’s squad changes between seasons – for a fair few years now but I’ve never been all that happy with how the graphics turned out (apart from that one year I got Bootifulgame involved: Therefore I thought it was worth having another stab at it and managed to come

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How do goalscorers fare after their team is promoted?

While there’s no football to cover, I’ve been gradually chipping away at my “to do” list. Most of this is tidying up and improving code, but there are also a lot of questions I’ve been asked and hadn’t gotten around to answering. When I produced a recent mid-season batch of my attack breakdown graphics I was asked whether I could create

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Updated: How do clubs tend to fare from one season to the next?

Today I’m updating a relatively simple set of graphics from a few seasons back, which set a baseline expectation for how each club could perform next season based on how they did last time. What I’ve done is taken every set of league tables since the most recent change to the current promotion / relegation structure (in 2002/03, giving 14

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Attack breakdowns: Premier League, 2016/17

Continuing the immediate splurge of post-season review graphics for League 1, here are each club’s final attack breakdowns. These are explained in detail here, but in summary they are simple scatter graphics that work as follows: Explanation Each graphic shows a club’s main attacking players: those who have: Featured for at least a third of their total pitch minutes in the

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Premier League trends, 2016/17

With the Premier League season over I thought that it was about time I updated the long-term trend graphics I introduced at the end of December to see how each club fared throughout their last three seasons. These are explained in full here and briefly below. Explanation These are adapted from a very similar design by the excellent Swedish blogger Zorba138 intended to track

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