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Football League & Conference update

As yet another season approaches the halfway stage without me managing to get into any sort of predictable posting schedule, here’s another seemingly random update to some of my staple visualisations for all three Football League divisions and the Conference. Points per game “Cann table” First of all let’s look at the Football League tables a bit more visually. The

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An early look at the ‘big five’ European divisions

There have been just about enough matches played across the ‘big five’ leagues to justify having a quick look at how they’re attacking and defending using my surely-by-now-famous scatter graphics, which are explained here. I’ve been tweeting out individual league graphics, which I’ll link to below first of all: English Premier division: Attacking & Defending German Bundesliga: Attacking & Defending Spanish La Liga: Attacking & Defending Italian

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Explaining silence

As it’s been unforgivably long since my last post, I thought I should briefly explain the reasons for the abrupt hiatus and my intentions for the future. In a nutshell, my free time has been greatly reduced by both work and personal commitments over the past few months, making it impossible to keep up with my analysis on a regular

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