Navigating this site

There are several ways you can access the content on this site.

Starting at the top, there’s the menu bar across the top of the screen, which looks like this on desktop…

Menu bar

… or just says “MENU” on mobile. These allow you to access different categories of post or to view the latest posts for a particular division, in addition to providing explanations on how some of the less obvious visualisations work.

The main page is then broken up into sections, starting with the “featured posts” carousel:

Featured carousel

This will cycle automatically through the top half a dozen or so posts that I think are the most interesting at the moment.

However if you just want to see the most recent content then there’s a “latest posts” widget which appears at the top of the sidebar on desktop, looking like this:

Latest posts widget

If you’re on mobile however this moves to the bottom of the page.

Another way to browse recent content is by division. There are five boxes beneath the featured post carousel, each showing the four most recent posts for a specific division. In order, these are the Championship, League 1, League 2, National League and “other”. The latter usually contains anything adapted for the Premier League or one of the major European divisions.

Division widget

Finally there is also a search widget and an archives widget that lets you browse by month. These are located underneath the “Latest posts” widget on both desktop on mobile, and on the former they look like this:


Search widgets