Here are a list of other sites that I recommend. This list is far from complete but it’s a good cross-section of the stuff I look at regularly.



Football on 5 | homepage of Channel 5’s EFL highlights show, who’ve been really supportive in helping me to share my content

Not The Top 20 Podcast | very listenable EFL podcast in which my data often features

The Two Unfortunates | great non-partisan Football League coverage

Mark O’Haire | leading tipster who specialises in the EFL and provides loads of supporting stats via WeLoveBetting

Key dates | key dates for the Football League season



StatsBomb | a site which brings together the work of some of the best football analytics writers

Club Elo | a very impressive rating system for clubs

World Football Elo Ratings | an international rating system which makes much more sense than FIFA’s

GoalImpact | an innovative player-based rating system

OddsChecker | if you’re making predictions then this is a great site for quickly comparing current odds

Opta Pro blog | collection of analytics articles curated by Opta


Useful resources

Statto | incredibly handy stats resource for both current and historical data across a wide range of leagues

Flashscores | very fast, filterable match updates across a wide range of leagues (and sports) | useful tool for building animated GIFs



The Bootiful Game | Site of my former “partner in crime” Ben Huxley, an almost aggressively creative designer

On Goals Scored | Loads of lovely graphics ideas, equally well executed

Wallpapering Fog | The link goes to my favourite post on this site, which is a really cool interactive visualisation of how the various football analytics tweeters interact


  • Hi, I just read your recent piece on length of time since top of the league, and as a Wimbledon supporter I thought I would ask the obvious.

    How are you handling Wimbledon? Whatever you’re doing you wont get an argument from me as I just love all these stats, but I am interested to know how you are dealing with the period of time in Non league. Presumably you haven’t taken on the massive task of extending your dataset down into the Combined Counties League.

    Are you leaving a gap for the non league years?

    • Hi – as I only needed time since they were last top and bottom of a league, I had no need to go back as far as their early years – only to their promotion from the Conference to the Football League

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