2022 league table

Now that the final league game of 2022 has been played, it’s once again time to produce a combined calendar year table for the 92 current Premier League and EFL clubs.

This is pretty simple really – all I’ve done is to calculate one massive league table sorted in descending order of points, then goal difference and then goals scored. The difference is that I’ve calculated them all on a ‘per match’ basis to adjust fairly for the different numbers of games played.

I’ve only included league matches (no cups or play-offs) and I’ve used colour-coding to indicate each club’s current division. For clubs who were promoted or relegated I’ve rolled their record from both divisions together, including National League games for the two newly-promoted clubs in League 2.

I’ve not included points deductions for two reasons. Firstly, they would detract from the purpose of this table, which is to compare teams’ performances, and secondly it’d be messy as they apply to seasons rather than calendar years so I’d have to come up with some way of apportioning them.

Anyway, here’s the full table in all its glory – for anyone who has trouble viewing such a tall image on their device, I’ve chopped it into more manageable chunks further down the page.


Man City top the table for the second year running, having lost just three times in 2022: one fewer than second-placed Liverpool. It’s also been another strong year for Arsenal, who are 3rd this year up from 4th last year, having been outside the top 20 in the two previous years. The Gunners are also notable for only having drawn two league games this year: nobody else drew fewer than five.

Fans of the two Sheffield clubs have also had a year to remember, with both in the top 10 overall: Wednesday 4th and United 9th. Meanwhile promoted Stockport have continued their momentum this season to round out the top five, edging out a much-improved Newcastle on goal difference per game. Nobody climbed further than the Magpies who were second bottom (i.e. 91st out of 92) in the 2021 table.

At the other end of the table it’s been a year to forget for Gillingham who won just seven times while losing more than three times as many, averaging just 0.8 points per game. Two teams share the unwanted title of biggest fallers since 2021: both West Ham and Hartlepool are 66 places lower than they were in last year’s table. 

Coventry and Crystal Palace both managed to register perfectly symmetrical records: winning and losing the same number of matches while also scoring and conceding the same number of goals. Man Utd also finished the year with zero goal difference despite winning six more matches than they lost (thanks to five games that were lost by three goals or more). 

Individual sections

In case anyone is unable to read the single 92-club graphic on their phone, I’ve also broken it up into four sections – the top 20 and then three further ‘divisions’ of 24, to mirror the actual league structure:

Previous years

This is the seventh consecutive year that I’ve run this, so if you’re interested here are the 2021, 2020, 201920182017 and 2016 tables for comparison.