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2017 league table

Last year I threw together a 2016 calendar year table for the 92 Premier League and EFL clubs which people seemed to like, so now that the final league game of 2017 has been played I thought I’d create one again. This is pretty simple really – all I’ve done is to calculate one massive league table sorted in descending

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World Cup 2018 draw

I ran a little experiment yesterday during the World Cup draw that seemed to go well, so thought I’d write it up here and collect all the bits and pieces together. A shared spreadsheet First of all, I realised that the quick spreadsheet I’d built myself to track the draw didn’t have any code in it, and would therefore work

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Comparing goalscorers across the Premier League and EFL

Over the last week I’ve produced this season’s first set of club-by-club attack breakdowns, which are explained in full here but in a nutshell compare the quality of chances that players are getting on the end of with their scoring rate. I tend to get asked two questions about these: firstly, can they be overlaid and secondly “where is Player [X]”

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How much has each squad changed since last season?

I’ve been looking at squad churn – how much each club’s squad changes between seasons – for a fair few years now but I’ve never been all that happy with how the graphics turned out (apart from that one year I got Bootifulgame involved: Therefore I thought it was worth having another stab at it and managed to come

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