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A quick update on plans for 2017/18

With the new season imminent I just wanted to provide a quick update on what I’ve got planned for the blog and where things are at the moment. A slow start… The blog’s output will unfortunately be a bit patchy for the first few weeks of the new season. I’ve had a few exciting new work projects land over the

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An early look at squad churn

I’ve been looking at squad churn – how much each club’s squad changes between seasons – for a fair few years now but I’ve never been all that happy with how the graphics turned out (apart from that one year I got Bootifulgame involved: Therefore I thought it was worth having another stab at it and managed to come

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How do goalscorers fare after their team is promoted?

While there’s no football to cover, I’ve been gradually chipping away at my “to do” list. Most of this is tidying up and improving code, but there are also a lot of questions I’ve been asked and hadn’t gotten around to answering. When I produced a recent mid-season batch of my attack breakdown graphics I was asked whether I could create

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Pre-season predictions: how did the model do?

Shortly after the regular EFL season had finished I compiled a set of club-by-club graphics which tracked how their league position changed over time compared with my model’s predictions. When doing so I noticed that even the pre-season predictions (made without any knowledge beyond last season’s performances) were surprisingly accurate, so I thought I’d try to work out how good they were. I didn’t

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A quick look at the Premier League relegation battle

I spotted a PA interview with David Moyes yesterday in which he sounded surprisingly – and uncharacteristically – upbeat: David Moyes: "We still think we have got a good chance (of survival) #SAFC — PA Dugout (@PAdugout) April 25, 2017 This doesn’t chime with how my model sees things. It’s pretty much given up on both Sunderland and Middlesbrough,

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