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Squad age profiles, 19 Feb 2017


I’ve managed to get a new thing built today, suggested and critiqued by @bootifulgame, without whose influence my graphics would look a lot less coherent. These are intended to give a quick visual overview of the age of players that each club has fielded in league matches using a technique very similar to “population pyramid” graphs, although I’ll freely admit that they’ve

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Using scatter graphics to compare the big four European leagues


I’ve updated my scatter graphics for the major European leagues this week and I thought that while I was at it I’d have a bit more fun by smashing some of the graphics together to allow comparisons across different divisions. Unfortunately putting more than four divisions on these makes them unreadable (as a lot of average teams get crammed into

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How much time has each club’s most-used 11 players spent on the pitch together?


The short answer is a lot less than you might think. When Leicester and Burnley won the Premier League and Championship titles last season using a small core group of players, I wrote some code to work out how long their most-used combination of 11 players had been on the pitch together, expecting a ridiculously high number. While no club in

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Introducing long-term trend graphics


At the end of November I created a form table graphic as a way to get a short-term snapshot of how teams were faring relative to their underlying performances, but I realised I still needed something which shows how clubs are performing over the longer term. Fortunately a graphic already exists which does exactly what I needed to do –

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A quick look at second half turnarounds


This is another one of those “I was bored on a long train journey” posts. I saw this stat appear on my timeline in the wake of Leicester’s shock win over Manchester City… One of the more extraordinary stats ongoing in the PL, illustrated by @br_uk graphic — sportingintelligence (@sportingintel) December 11, 2016 … and I wasn’t sure exactly how

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